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Banana and walnut makes for an amazing combination both from health as well as taste perspective. I have always been very fond of banana-walnut cakes and have tried many
‘Dhokar Dalna’ is one of the most popular and traditional ‘Niramish’ (vegetarian) Bengali dish. By niramish here we actually mean that it entails to the quintessential Satvik
Nolen Gurer Payesh or Rice Pudding with date-palm jaggery is a quintessential element of the Poush Parbon Festival or Makar Sankranti. Payesh is a dish for special occasions
Kadhi is a tempered yogurt and gram flour based curry dish that is very popular in the Northern and Western part of India. Maharashtrian Kadi is also sometimes called ‘
Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi or Pakodewali Kadhi is yogurt and gram flour based curry with onion fritters and seasoned with an assortment of flavorful spices. This type of kadhi is
Bhapa Doi or Steamed Yogurt is a traditional Bengali dessert dish which as the name suggests, is steamed yogurt pudding. This super smooth and silky dessert is made with
Kaancha Aam Diye Tok Dal’, lentil cooked with raw mango slices, is a simple and traditional summer specialty dish that is very common in almost every Bengali household.
Kadhi is a yogurt and gram flour based Indian dish. It is prepared in different parts of the country especially Northern and Western diaspora and comes with its regional
‘Do pyaza’ from its literal point of view means two onions or onions used twice. So the dish ‘do pyaza’, as the term suggests, uses onions and lots of onions in two stages of
‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ also known as ‘Gajrela’ is one of the most popular winter desserts, originating in North India and Pakistan. This traditional dish was introduced during the