About Koyels Kitchen

If you are not familiar with this site, I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to the site.  The first thing for you to know is that Koyels Kitchen is actually a personal website, maintained by me, Koyeliya.

While you might see this as a recipe site, but this is not like a typical recipe site that you find on the internet with thousands and thousands of recipes, it’s a personal website incidentally having some recipes that has been tried over and over again among friends, family and me.

I would love to have to try these recipes and given your comments and constructive feedbacks, which will in turn enable me to refine the recipes going further.


Who am I

I am basically a homemaker and a mother of two almost grown up kids. I have been living in Mumbai for the last 14 year and my world basically revolves around my family, my kids and taking care of them. Being a foodie myself, cooking and rustling up various recipes has become a passion for me.

Koyeliya Nag @ Koyels Kitchen | www.koyelskitchen.com


How Did I Get The Recipes

My stay outside Bengal has helped in getting me introduced to various cuisines and enriched my vision and passion for food. But in my heart I am still very much a Bengali (Bangal) and therefore my kitchen is quintessentially dominated by Bengali cuisine. For this I am hugely indebted to my mother and mother-in-law and some of my friends. Without their invaluable experiences and ideas it would have been impossible for me to keep up my love and desire for traditional food intact.

Through this blog I wish to share with all of you my experiences and experiments into the path of some delectable, traditional as well as day to day comfort food and more….


Rules Of Commenting

Comments are open on the most recent recipes and posts. I would ask and at the same time request that if you would like to leave a comment that you think of the recipe and this website as my family’s home and that you wouldn’t say anything on this site that you wouldn’t, as an invited guest, say in someone’s home. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as we all benefit from such advice.

Rude, mean, or obnoxious comments or profanity are not welcome and will not be approved to post (that’s how i am, gently and sometimes sternly escorting the misbehaving guest out of the house). Please restrict your comments to the topic at hand, for the benefit of all who may be reading.


Nutritional Information

Many of you have requested me to provide the nutritional information (calories, points, etc.) for the recipes that I have posted. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or the expertise to provide this analysis. All the recipes are a reflection of how our family cooks and eats, and as we do not analyse nutritional information for our meals, it is not done for the recipes here.

Nutritional Information @ Koyels Kitchen


Photographs On This Site

All photographs on Koyels Kitche have been taken by me, unless otherwise noted. Information about the camera equipment, techniques, and software used for photographs can be found in this article, Photography on Koyels Kitchen

Koyels Kitchen either owns the copyright or has the rights to use all photographs on the site. Please contact me to obtain permission if you would like to use a photo on this site (contact info is below). In general I don’t mind if my photos are republished on other sites as long as there is a link back to the recipe from which the photo is taken, and as long as the recipe itself is not also published with the photograph.


Use Of Recipes

If you would like to republish a recipe you find here on Koyels Kitchen on your own website, please;
1) Re-write the instructions in your own unique words rather than copying and pasting it as it is.
2) Please do not copy our headnotes.
3) Please provide a working link back to the source recipe on koyelskitchen.com.

I ask that you rewrite the recipes in your own words because Google penalizes sites when they see duplicate content on the web, making it more difficult for readers to find our recipes using Google search.


Contact Us

You can reach me thorough email at koyel AT koyelskitchen {dot} com. You can also fine me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/koyelskitchen.

I hope you enjoy the recipes, happy cooking!